Employability Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers PDF

Employability Skills book is compulsory for all Skill Education courses in class 10. There are 2 books which you have to read in Skill Education Subject. Part A: Employability Skills is compulsory for all. Part B: Subject Specific Skills is according to the chosen subject. In this article, We are going to discuss class 10 Employability skills question and answer. To score good marks in this subject you should learn all the concepts along with important questions.

First of all, let us discuss the questions paper pattern.

The main thing is that you will only have to give the exam of 50 Marks questions in the board examination. Out of 100 Marks 50 marks, the internal examination will fetch you 50 marks. This includes Project, Viva, Practicals etc. The remaining 50 marks questions will be on theory paper.

  • Part A: Employability skills – 10 Marks
  • Part B: Subject Specific Skills – 40 Marks

In this article, you will get the most important questions and answers of Class 10 Employability Skills. There are 5 units in this book. All units are equivalent for the board examination. So, read all the chapters very carefully to score good marks in the examination. As you know, CBSE asks a number of questions from inside the book therefore you should read it thoroughly.

Employability Skills Class 10 will carry 10 marks in theory paper

MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions is the first type of question. In this type, there are 4 options given in each. These questions are very easy. You can score good marks in this section. If you read the notes very carefully then you can easily score good marks in this.

Fill in the blanks: This type of questions contains a statement in which a blank is given. You have to find the most appropriate word which matches the statement. Again, this is very simple to answer.

Question and Answer: In this category some short answer questions will be asked. However, you should read both short and long answer type questions to score good.

Employability Skills Class 10 Solutions ( Click the Link Below )

Unit 1: Communication Skills

Unit 2: Self Management Skills 

Unit 3: ICT Skills                 

Unit 4: Entrepreneurial Skills 

Unit 5: Green Skills

Here, we have provided links to important questions and answers. I hope this will help you to understand the whole concept. All the links contain questions from the latest syllabus of 2021-22 by CBSE Delhi. I hope this will surely help you to score maximum marks in this subject.

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